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Pricing varies, different for Weddings, Micro-Weddings, and Elopements. For those small, intimate weddings, that are drastically shorter in length or during the week, promo discounts are available. Just fill out a consult form and we'll discuss! 

B. O. B. PACKAGE - $1000


I am offering a B. O. B package. "Bride-on-a-Budget" pricing, with very limited hours for $1000. This is for the bride who has not considered a videographer initially or feels they cannot afford videography but still want it! Get in touch and I'll be happy to explain the details.

Is Videography worth it

at my wedding?

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  • My perspective... photography and videography are BOTH necessary!

    • Photos will capture these precious moments in time... forever. Films will allow you to re-live those moments in time forever. No one wants to regret not making room in their budget for a wedding film. Being able to re-live the moment, feel the emotions, remember the facial expressions that you and yours felt on your wedding day... priceless. Even if it's not me... just do it. Book a videographer.

  • So where do you (videographer!) fit in?

    • I LOVE filming weddings and consider it an absolute honor to be trusted to capture such a momentous, life-changing event for you and yours and turn it into an even more beautiful story for you to re-experience later!

  • What's a snapshot of your services?

    • I value quality over rushing to get a finished film to you... so my favorite plus to offer is the wedding teaser! It gives a 30 sec-1 min preview of what's coming and trust me (or the reviews - they're coming soon!)... the wait of 6 weeks for the final highlight is worth it. In short, I focus on storytelling and cinematography... using your words from the day to portray the occasion. You will never get less than the best from me... and if any doubt, check out one of my teasers below. Got more coming your way soon!


Wedding Films

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Click to watch a few teasers I've had the honor to film in the past few weeks! Every couple is unique which makes their wedding story beautiful in its own individualized way. Full highlight films coming soon... please stay tuned!


Don't hesitate! I'm open to any questions, even if you don't book with me. Crazy, right? I know but I honestly consider videography THAT important to your wedding! Don't regret missing this opportunity to capture your wedding day. You prepare months/years for this, and it's gone within moments... unless, you've filmed it!