Should I book a wedding videographer?

Updated: Sep 16

If you’re asking this question, I’ll tell you what I tell every bride or groom I run into… just do it.

In my short time of filming weddings, I have quickly realized several things that as a videographer, will give insight into the process for the bride and groom. First of all, remember this is YOUR day. If possible, take the time to enjoy the moments, soak in the details. However, even if you try to do that, remember that you’re missing an entire alternative perspective of your wedding… that being of your significant other! You, Miss Bride, and you, Mr. Groom, are only seeing and experiencing your individual moments, until you both meet together. For example, take the wedding ceremony. The bride is missing everything that happens before she walks down the aisle. And even though he is likely standing there at the start of the ceremony, the groom may also be missing the chance to soak in the details because of the anticipation of the bride’s pending entrance! But not only your significant other, you're missing the opportunity to see everything through your guests' eyes, family, friends, loved ones. These are moments you will NEVER get back. And every bride I've worked with has mentioned that it was beyond special to see herself as well. Don't forget, you aren't seeing yourself enjoying the glory of your day as it happens. Getting to watch yourself back is amazing, emotional, and so so so worth it.

Every bride that I’ve worked with has made the exact same comment, “it went by so fast.” It truly is like a blur. And they are always so GRATEFUL they made the decision to budget in a film. But… you think, that’s what photos are for?! Yes and no. Here’s my two cents… photos are great, and they’re necessary. I mean, photos are really VITAL. But films do what photos cannot. And that is to create a moving memory of your wedding for you. Photos capture those moments in time forever, but a wedding film allows you to relive it. There are nonverbal expressions, movements, feelings that you will only re-experience by reliving them. The bride and groom pictured above are one such couple that did not believe they had room to include a videographer. I'll tell you more about their film one day and how it came to be. But in short, theirs was the first wedding film I ever filmed and it was truly an honor. But what made it totally worth it was her reaction upon watching it. I have yet to work with a bride that has not loved their film. And honestly, if they don't, I've done something wrong. In her case, her review blew me away (find it in the testimonials section). Her reaction is why I took this leap in this arena. You brides out there (and grooms too) should have a beautiful film to relive of arguably one of the best days of your life. You deserve it.

So regardless of if it’s me or someone else, just hire a wedding videographer. No bride or groom ever regrets the decision. They may regret other things, like the quality of the film, or the personality of the videographer he or she booked, but they never regret the decision to have someone film their wedding. I have heard horror stories of couples who lost a loved one after their wedding and they regret not having a videographer (or skimping on a high quality one because of the cost) to capture those moments of hugs, dancing, smiles, laughter. Our memories are faulty and as time passes, those moments fade. Capturing them in real time... is truly priceless. You can always upgrade a ring. You won't starve if you don't book all the niceties for your meal options at your reception. But you cannot go back and replace or substitute for a wedding film.

On the other hand, the beauty with having a wedding film is more than reliving those moments but consider starting the tradition of watching your wedding film every year on your wedding anniversary. Can you imagine reliving that day consistently every year? It's more than romantic, it's a reminder of why you and your spouse chose each other. As you both grow, you'll get to experience the reminder of how much that love has grown since your wedding day. Shawn Johnson and her husband, Andrew East, are some of my favorite YouTube stars to sneak a peek on. You know, Shawn, the former Olympian gymnast? I've heard about this from other couples, but she and her husband are the first high profile celebrity I've heard of that does this. And if you go watch some of these episodes where they re-watch their wedding film, it's as if their love is palpable and gets rekindled. It is absolutely the sweetest to witness and every married couple should be able to experience that.

So what about the cost? What things should I look for in a videographer? These are extremely important questions that need to be answered before you search for a videographer and if you stick around I will be happy to give you what I consider to be vital tips to help you find what you are looking for.

But in short, if you are wondering if you should book a videographer for your wedding, wonder no more. DO IT. I do not care if it is an elopement, small wedding or big wedding. This is one day that is worth it to expand your budget for what most consider a “want” but is actually a true need. You can thank me later.

God Bless,

~Ruth Elaine

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