Engagements, weddings/elopements, a reflection on your love story... whatever the occasion may be, I'm always excited to film the beauty of a love tale.


This includes the birth of a newborn, anniversaries, birthdays... the sky is the limit! You let me know, and I'll be there to film it.


What types of films do you produce?

  • I love videography in GENERAL! So any opportunity to film a promo, branding video, your nontraditional love story, I'm ALL for it. For some of my fellow small business owners, I enjoy helping them in any way possible. So creating a branding film for their website or ad is something I'm always down for!

What's your FAVORITE thing to film? 

  • Weddings and Real Estate!

  • I've never been to a sad wedding to date. :) Right?! You laugh, but think about it. In a world where you can easily look at the cup half empty, this is just impossible to do at a wedding. I think they're a blast, and it's so different than what I went to school for. I enjoy running around with a camera catching people laughing, crying, and smiling with all the feels. And it makes my heart smile to have a couple see their wedding footage in film form and send me a message how they bawled their eyes out! 

  • As for Real Estate... there is just something about a clean home, showcased in its best light. Just you, a camera, and architecture. Hoping to do more real estate films in the future!



Nowadays, it's all about social media platforms.

Small business, church events... whatever your promo needs may be, my intent is to highlight your product in 3o seconds to 1 minute in the best cinematic form possible!