• I am an event videographer in San Antonio, Texas.

  • I fell in love with filmmaking after creating an "appreciation" video for the 14th Pastoral and 36th Wedding Anniversary of the Pastor and First Lady of my home church. As daunting as that task was, I LOVED the final product and through the experience, realized how much I enjoyed the creative process.

  • I started pursuing further training in filmmaking and knew immediately this was more than a hobby. It didn't take long for me to invest in more equipment and professional editing software. And now, after filming different events, I decided to take the leap to pursue what I love... seriously.

  • As your videographer, I assure you that I LOVE what I do, and my intent is to capture your story, whatever it may be, and tell it exquisitely via film. If a picture is worth a thousand words... a film has endless worth.

  • I look forward to working with you and sharing content as this site grows! Remember, life is short, so capture as many memories in pictures... but better yet, on FILM.

-Ruth Elaine

contact: ruth@elainejfilms.com

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